QLD Major fault 3 days after mechanical repair

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    We recently bought a boat from an auction house with specialises in used equipment and insurance disposals. The boat had suffered water damage and we bought this knowing that we would need to have the engine thoroughly checked out and possibly repaired. For this reason we took it into a local reputable dealership. The engine was striped down and checked and the only issue found was a siezed carburetta which was serviced and repaired. The dealer suggested that we have a major service to provide further piece of mind. A number of components including the belts, battery, gasket etc were replaced on their recommendation. We were advised that the boat was seaworthy and ready for use. The first time we took the boat out, and after just 2 hours of use, the boat suffered loss of power and we were able to limp back to the boat ramp. We have taken it back to the manufacturer who has confirmed that one of the belts that was replaced snapped, causing the battery to stop chargine and therefore causing the water pump to stop working. As a result the motor has overheated causing signficant damange. The dealership has said it will not repair the engine and that it is for our cost. To me this would be a major failure and we would be be entitle to have the engine replaced/repaired at their cost. Can anyone shed some light as to whether this is the case?

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