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    QLD Major fault 3 days after mechanical repair

    We recently bought a boat from an auction house with specialises in used equipment and insurance disposals. The boat had suffered water damage and we bought this knowing that we would need to have the engine thoroughly checked out and possibly repaired. For this reason we took it into a local...
  2. M

    NSW Regarding resident parking permits for trailers

    I'm a resident of Ryde Council in Sydney and wish to park my boat trailer on the street where I live. It seemed like a reasonable request: there's never any parking congestion - enough parking for everyone! And yes, me the car, the boat the trailer are rightfully registered and licenses and...
  3. B

    QLD Stolen property - insurance fraud

    My son recently purchased a small boat. After repairing it he went to register the boat and trailor. Dept transport informed him they were reported stolen. He then went to police station and gave a statement. We have learned that the seller reported the boat stolen 1 year ago and was paid out...
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    SA Gates Restricting Access in Property with Easement?

    Hello, I am looking for some help in regards to my easement. Two separate houses - we share a common easement down the middle to gain access to our rear yards. Just like a driveway. Some history: I bought this house a few years ago and the easement was already there. It has gates (not...
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    NSW Intellectual Property Law Rights Against Subcontractor?

    If I was a fisherman and I engaged a subcontractor under an agreement to work for me...This person has no experience at all. I take them in and teach them all the trade secretes to catching the fish and take them to market to sell direct to the public. I show them the right fishing holes where...
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    WA Boat Failure 70 Hours after Marine Insurance Claim - Re-open Claim?

    In July 2014 a pleasure boat I am a part owner in was involved in a grounding accident. This resulted in significant damage to the hull and running gear. The props, shafts and gearboxes were all badly damaged and had to be replaced. During the accident significant stress was placed on both...
  7. S

    WA Boat Purchase from Widow of Deceased Owner - Legal Issues?

    I have signed a contract to purchase a boat, for which the registered owner is deceased. His widow has signed the contract. Do I need to somehow verify that she is legally able to sign for him? I don't have any reason to suspect any wrongdoing or deceit, but want to make sure that there...