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The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland Limited (RACQ) is a motoring club and mutual organisation, providing roadside assistance, insurance, travel, finance and other services to its Queensland members. It is a member of the Australian Automobile Association.
The RACQ Insurance, its insurance arm, is one of the largest providers in Queensland.
Its bimonthly magazine, The Road Ahead, has the highest circulation of any magazine in Queensland with 887,630 paper subscriptions and 165,000 online subscribers.

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    QLD Car Broken by Mechanic - Recourse?

    In the morning, I had a radiator and condenser replaced March last year, and a service done in December, just before going away on holidays. We got to our destination on Christmas Eve. The car got hot as we pulled up, turned car off, allowed to cool down before opening bonnet, discovered no...
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    QLD Australian Consumer Law - Roadworthy Issue with Car?

    I bought a car for $4000 from a small dealer and when I took it in to the maker (Mazda) for a service after 5000km (as per the warranty conditions). They said that the car needed $2500 work to make it roadworthy. When I contacted the dealer about this, they basically said that Mazda overcharge...
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    QLD Faulty Car from Hyundai - Full Refund?

    I bought a new Hyundai I30 Petrol Elite Hatchback and after 1500 km, the motor blew up. Vehicle was repaired by Hyundai Dealership which took 2 months as a new motor had to be imported from Korea. I was given a Avis hire car but found when checking the paperwork that there was a $2500 Excess so...
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    QLD Car Damage at Car Park -Can I Use Public Liability Insurance?

    I had a problem last week in an off-street car park with the car of one friend (I did borrow it for the weekend and he does not have a car insurance). It was raining, and while opening the back door, one of the passengers in my car hit the car that was parked beside my car. Both cars were turned...
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    QLD Letter from RACQ Insurance Regarding Motor Vehicle Accident - Options?

    My son -in-law was involved in an accident on the M1 eight weeks ago. He was merging onto the motorway and looked over his shoulder to check his blind spot and rear ended the vehicle in front of him. His vehicle was unable to be driven and had to be towed, while the other vehicle only had a dent...
  6. A

    QLD Neighbour Damaged Car - How to Prosecute Him?

    The neighbours across the road from us have been conducting renovations on their home for the past 15 months and recently they spray painted their fence and subsequently got over-spray on my car as well as my sister's. They have denied liability ever since we confronted them about the damage...
  7. K

    QLD Car Accident Fault - Turning Right at Intersection

    Hi all The following occurred in QLD: My friend was turning right at an intersection, the road has a road surface marking and he did indicate before he made the turn. However, he was hit in the back before he could completed the turn. The guy was going straight. He and the driver both...