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*aaS is an acronym for as a service (e.g., X as a service), and refers to something being made available to a customer as a service, always in the context of cloud computing.

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  1. J

    NSW What legislation covers the service of Court Attendance Notices??

    What legislation covers the service of Court Attendance Notices in NSW? It is breach avo proceedings in local court (summary).
  2. B

    NSW Call-out fee charged for item under warranty

    We purchased blinds from Kresta 6 months ago. A clip on one of the sliding door panels broke. Called Kresta and had to pay a $83 call out fee before they would come out. Even though product is under warranty, they said that the call-out fee is in the contract so they are entitled to charge...
  3. A

    SA Service cancellation fee

    Hello I booked a demolition company and signed a quot. I cancel a service because the settlement date of land is 28 of September. I asked a company if they can do it earlier but they says they can't do it. Because of that I cancel a they sending me a invoice of 1800 doller which is...
  4. R

    NSW Private car sale with fake service log book

    Hi, I have recently bought a car from a private seller. The car seems to be in great conditional so far, however, the log book seems to be completely made up as it is not matching to any of the original Toyota service history records. I found the original service history while creating Toyota...
  5. S

    NSW Using a carriage service to menace, harrass or offend

    Hi The scenario is a Facebook post named and shamed someone for a commiting a crime. No court case took place in regards to alleged crime. The original poster of Facebook deleted the post very quickly. But it was screenshot and has been sent around and posted on individal FB profiles and within...
  6. H

    VIC cancellation of a service contract

    I recently accepted a quote for a service in the amount of $10k,we are now 3/4 into completion and with extras have I been invoiced and paid close to 10k.My question is if I terminate our agreement can I be sued for payment on the remainder of the service that was going to be provided even...
  7. L

    NT Civil Debt Claim - Service of Application/Summons

    I had a Civil Debt Process proceed against me. The Claimant (I am guessing) sent the Application/Summons to my previous NT Residential Address. (I now live off shore and this was known to the claimant prior to service). The local court has heard the matter and made orders against me. In respect...
  8. G

    VIC Real estate service and commission

    We have a block of land in Kalkallo VIC. We gave it to a RE to sell it on 30/07/2018. The real estate agent had it for sale for over 6 months but always got us offers that were lower than the range on the sale authority. At the time the range was $345000 to $365000 and the offers we were given...
  9. T

    VIC Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence

    Experts, Can you please help answer the following question which is related to using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence - The key elements of the offence as per my understanding which needs to be proven are: 1. that you used a ‘carriage service’, and 2. that the manner of...
  10. M

    VIC Noise on Kia sorrento

    Hi , I bought a new car from kia dealership a year ago , shortly after I noticed a noise which I asked them to look at when they did the free service , they did not find anything. The noise is intermittent for the last year so again at the next service asked them to look at noise which now they...