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*aaS is an acronym for as a service (e.g., X as a service), and refers to something being made available to a customer as a service, always in the context of cloud computing.

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  1. Jaffasoft

    VIC AMPOL Service Station Negligence Claim?

    I put AdBlue in my Motorhome and blew the engine causing 6-7k in damages. I've driven into a local AMPOL Service Station and put 6 litres of AdBlue in my diesel coaster motorhome. I was unsure what the fuel was, I walked in and asked the service station attendant what it was..., "could I have...
  2. O

    VIC Acknowledgement service form not returned

    Hi all, I started an application for Parenting Orders (interim & final) with the Federal Circuit Court. I served my ex's lawyer with a copy of the application and an acknowledgement service form. The lawyer previously indicated that she would accept service on my ex's behalf. It has been a week...
  3. T

    Bankruptcy Notice - Debtor disputes service date

    Hello, I have served a Creditor's Petition on the debtor , after obtaining an order for Substituted Service, however the debtor disputes the date of service of the Bankruptcy Notice. He claims that it was 2 weeks after the actual service date. My question is: If the Registrar believes the...
  4. W

    Discrimination? False Advertising? Refusal of service?

    I had a terrible accident at home 2 years ago and have not worked for 18 months now due to chronic pain As it now appears unlikely that I will make an adequate recovery, I have started thinking about applying for TPD (Total Permanent Disability) insurance from my superfund My case is complex and...
  5. C

    VIC Negligent advice & conduct: Private firm, delivering .gov service

    I have a query regarding partially privatised government services - specifically, a Private Contractor of the state government, providing negligent advice and non-delivery of contracted services. I would appreciate the thoughts of qualified readers on how such an issue could realistically be...
  6. B

    NSW Long service leave

    I'm trying to figure out if I am able to roll over long service leave after resigning and then being re-employed by the same business. I was working for them for 9 years and 6 months then left for a casual job that fell through only was at the casual job for 4 months then re-employed by the...
  7. R

    VIC Carriage service menacing

    I'm being menaced 24/7 with electromagnetic fields pulsed into my property. I'm not sure who would be the best people to speak to
  8. J

    NSW Falsely accused of being a thief and refused service at Aldi

    Sorry about a long post. I am still seething. I have been falsely accused of being a thief and refused service at Aldi. I did my shopping, which was very quick, as the shop was about to close. When I got to the checkout, the cashier asked to check my bags. I had a small purse and a few paper...
  9. M

    Long service leaves VIC - employment started overseas

    Hi, I work with a multinational software services company. I have worked with this organization for over 13 years in total. I was deputed to work for Australian subsidiary around 3 years back and prior to that I have worked with the parent organisation (same group entity) at different...
  10. J

    NSW What Legal Service is Available to Witness an Event to Prevent Workplace Harassment , Malice or Incompetence?

    I have an event scheduled in the future where some professionals are to ask me some questions for a thesis defence. I have had some previous experience where staff members at another university bullied me and repeatedly lied and asked some sophistic questions to undermine my performance. Is...