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*aaS is an acronym for as a service (e.g., X as a service), and refers to something being made available to a customer as a service, always in the context of cloud computing.

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  1. C

    VIC Negligent advice & conduct: Private firm, delivering .gov service

    I have a query regarding partially privatised government services - specifically, a Private Contractor of the state government, providing negligent advice and non-delivery of contracted services. I would appreciate the thoughts of qualified readers on how such an issue could realistically be...
  2. M

    Notice of Address for service

    What happens where there is service to another address that is NOT the address filed with the court e.g. sent to someone's personal email rather than their lawyer for example? ICL has served documentation to an address for Respondent that is not filed with the court i.e. respondent's private...
  3. M

    Notice of Address for Service

    we were in court last week and OP lawyer lied and denied receipt of a whole heap of correspondence sent by email to the email address on NOD for Service. I've since started cc'ing respondent's email into all correspondence to which he replied in a temper. So I know its all being received. My...
  4. B

    NSW Long service leave

    I'm trying to figure out if I am able to roll over long service leave after resigning and then being re-employed by the same business. I was working for them for 9 years and 6 months then left for a casual job that fell through only was at the casual job for 4 months then re-employed by the...
  5. R

    VIC Carriage service menacing

    I'm being menaced 24/7 with electromagnetic fields pulsed into my property. I'm not sure who would be the best people to speak to
  6. J

    NSW Falsely accused of being a thief and refused service at Aldi

    Sorry about a long post. I am still seething. I have been falsely accused of being a thief and refused service at Aldi. I did my shopping, which was very quick, as the shop was about to close. When I got to the checkout, the cashier asked to check my bags. I had a small purse and a few paper...
  7. M

    Long service leaves VIC - employment started overseas

    Hi, I work with a multinational software services company. I have worked with this organization for over 13 years in total. I was deputed to work for Australian subsidiary around 3 years back and prior to that I have worked with the parent organisation (same group entity) at different...
  8. J

    NSW What Legal Service is Available to Witness an Event to Prevent Workplace Harassment , Malice or Incompetence?

    I have an event scheduled in the future where some professionals are to ask me some questions for a thesis defence. I have had some previous experience where staff members at another university bullied me and repeatedly lied and asked some sophistic questions to undermine my performance. Is...
  9. S

    WA Lawyers customer service lacking

    My lawyers' customer service is severely lacking. It takes them weeks to respond to an email and then only after 2 -3 reminders. As a client I feel ignored and that my issue could take far longer to resolve than necessary. I have hinted at the unacceptable delays but received no response...
  10. D

    Legal Definition of a 'Service'

    How do I search for a Legal definition of a word that can be credible in Australian law? I'm looking for the legal definition for the word 'Service' . Thanks