QLD Is there a possibility to stop signed contract

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30 July 2020
It is past 5 day cooling off just need to sign release form but cannot until I finish enforced quarantine, had hardship and stress for past 2 years and making bad decisions. What I’m asking are there anything I can do to rescind without incurring too much cost???
Thankyou Doreen

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
You need your solicitor to look at the terms of the contract and see whether there are any conditions on which you can rely. As a seller, there usually are not many opportunities. The 'common' conditions like building and pest or finance are there for the benefit of the buyer. You opportunities will likely come down to:
- Buyer failing to obtain building and pest, or finance (if either/both are conditions) by the due date. Your opportunity is to refuse an extension and hope they terminate;
- Buyer failing to be ready to settle on the due date. You can terminate if they cannot settle by 4.00pm on the due date for settlement - but you must 'tender' (be ready, willing, and able to settle, and be able to show it);
- There being some 'big bad' with the property that the buyers want to get out; or
- There's a special condition to the contract that you can use.

In any case the cooling off period is only for the buyer to be able to terminate.
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