QLD Insurance Law - What to Do False Car Insurance Claim?

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Carla m

30 September 2015
Hi everyone! I received an car insurance claim letter last September 25, 2015, saying that I had hit a car in Bunnings, Rockhampton on the afternoon of August 21, 2015. I am from Northlakes and Rockhampton is nearly 7 hours drive from my location.

Honestly, it was really impossible for us to hit that car. I was attending my child's confirmation at church that day and my husband was at work and on a different state. We contacted the insurance company and tried to explain our part but never had a good answer from them. We even sent my child's certificate and my husband's attendance certificate to them. Still no reply. What can we do under Insurance Law? We don't want to pay for something that we never did.

Please help.

Lawyering mum

Well-Known Member
26 September 2015
Sunshine Coast
Your best option is to provide the Insurer with statutory declarations as to yours and your husband's whereabouts and circumstances (ie at your child's confirmation). If you used your vehicle to attend, say that in your stat decs, attach a copy of the attendance certificates, and also provide a description of your vehicle (make, model etc).
Hope this helps. Good luck

andre nikatina

Active Member
29 September 2015
Hi There,

Did anything come of this claim from the insurance company?

I am going through the exact same thing right now. It's bizarre.

They kept hounding me for payment of damages, and then when I had a good look that they don't even have my full name and driver's licence, but my e-mail address and old address that I was never registered at. Something is very fishy.

I sent an e-mail to this debt collection company hounding me asking for various particulars and a number of items that would have been kept as evidence. I said if I do not get a satisfactory reply or it seems as though their client is not being honest then I will be handing all the information over to the local police and claiming fraud.

So it's been a week and no reply from the collections company. Just sent another e-mail trying to force them to reply to me, but I suspect they will probably drop it and tell the other side it's not worth the hassle chasing me for it foolishly because I intend to get to the bottom of this situation, and it's very strange that I am not the only person that has experienced it, not to mention it happened around the same time.

I'll keep this thread posted with any developments.