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Bunnings Group, trading as Bunnings Warehouse, is an Australian household hardware chain. The chain has been owned by Wesfarmers since 1994, and has stores in Australia and New Zealand.Bunnings was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1886, by two brothers who had immigrated from England. Initially a limited company focused on sawmilling, it became a public company in 1952 and subsequently expanded into the retail sector, purchasing several hardware stores. Bunnings began to expand into other states in the 1990s, and opened its first warehouse-style store in Melbourne in 1994. The chain currently has 295 stores and over 30,000 employees.Bunnings has a market share of around 50 percent in the Australian Do-It-Yourself hardware market, with competing chains including Home Timber & Hardware, Mitre 10 and various independent retailers.Bunnings runs community events outside or in its stores, including sausage sizzles and do it yourself workshops.

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    VIC caught shop lifting by loss prevention officer bunnings

    as my name implies, im a dumb ass... atleast today i was at the moment im completly broke, i needed both AA and AAA batterys for the kids toys i was near bunnings so i popped in and grabbed 3 packs of batterys, 2 of them i tore the batterys out and pocketed them they had a combined value of...
  2. B

    NSW Shoplifting at Bunnings- how do I fix this

    I got caught shoplifting at Bunnings yesterday by the loss prevention guys. I was short on money and could have used my partners card(and I should have) I just didn’t want to depend on him while we were short on money. I wanted to get some ropes to make some horse tack to sell and make some...
  3. A

    NSW Unfair dismissal from Bunnings

    When putting the respondents details who do you put down for Bunnings.
  4. F

    Injured by Loss prevention officers at bunnings

    Hi, I know its not the best of things...bad decisions on my part, ill deal with that. but i do have a serious question. Yesterday i was caught shoplifting in bunnings, loss prevention officers approached me outside the store asked about the items, i gave them back and accompanied them back to...
  5. E

    VIC Building Spring Powered B.B. Guns in My Backyard - Illegal?

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if it is legal for me to build my own spring powered air rifle that fires little 6mm plastic pellets. Similar to one in this YouTube video here . I know that it is illegal to import realistic air soft guns into Australia but I cannot find any information...
  6. B

    SA Item Under Incorrect Price at Bunnings - Entitled to Refund?

    Hi All, I have purchased a role of data cable from Bunnings, which was stocked on their shelves under the wrong item and subsequently a lower price. Essentially on the shelf label they had CAT5E cable for $107.50, however, they had all their stock of CAT6 cable under this label. (I later...
  7. D

    SA Mixer Tap from Bunnings Licenced Plumber Only?

    I decided to purchase a Puratap three in one mixer tap to replace the mixer tap and separate filter tap currently fitted. I had previously purchased and installed my current mixer tap from Bunnings. When I asked Puratap if I could install the mixer tap myself, thereby avoiding the $100 plumber...
  8. S

    WA What to Do With Neighbour Who Invades Our Privacy?

    Our problems with neighbour started the day we took possession of the house 3 years ago. We turned up to open the house so removalists could get in and the neighbour was over with phone in hand saying she has called the police as it is a vacant house and she has caught us trespassing and...
  9. C

    QLD Insurance Law - What to Do False Car Insurance Claim?

    Hi everyone! I received an car insurance claim letter last September 25, 2015, saying that I had hit a car in Bunnings, Rockhampton on the afternoon of August 21, 2015. I am from Northlakes and Rockhampton is nearly 7 hours drive from my location. Honestly, it was really impossible for us to...
  10. T

    NSW Personal Loan to Ex Who's Filed for Bankruptcy

    During a 5 year relationship with my recent ex, I stupidly, and slowly (over a 4month period) lent him an approx total of $40k to renovate one of his parents rental properties as a personal loan. This being the balance AFTER receiving some dribs and drabs, transferred money from his mum. At the...