NSW Input please!!!!

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22 June 2020
I have been charged with the above offences, but the mans windscreen was smashed when he ran me over which is what caused the pole to connect. As far as I know he hasn’t even been charged though I told numerous officers it is not even mentioned in my statement, which was taken from bodycam footage. I didn’t know I was even charged with the menace charge until I was handed my paperwork & personal property. Now I made full admissions about the windscreen but I WAS NOT EVEN DRIVING after the initial confrontation my unlicensed partner was & POLICE KNOW THIS! When intercepted they pulled up behind us headlights off, watched me get from the back driver side out of the car & get into the drivers seat & my partner from driving to front passenger. We had already seen them & then they finally lit us up, an officer came to my window spoke to my now passenger asking if he had a license to which he answered no & ended up going positive for pot so he’s got unlicensed &!drug driving from this incident. Now after speaking to him they tell me I’m being charged & to tell them what happened so we did. My partner made admissions to the charges against him including chasing the idiot to get his rego after trying to run me down & I did to the windscreen damage. Now I don’t know what the hell to do because my partner has prior drive unlicensed & whilst disqualified x2 in the past 5 yrs. I have priors but I’m now 41yo & haven’t been charged since around 2008. I have a full licence no priors for violence. I’d like to know if I should cop it so he doesn’t get in s**t instead & if I rock the boat about him running me over are they going to carry on ? Help please!!!!