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    minor for child pornography

    Hi, I am a kiwi, currently overseas, left Australia before the police statement come out, was questioned by the police regarding sex chat with underage I think I have a police charge (did not sign anything) but recently I found my name appear in Victoria court with (criminal court attendance)...
  2. J

    NSW Is it legal for me if I operating a pornography website?

    This website is similar dating site, any adult can offer rate and find a sex deal on this website. Is it legal if I only provide the platform and do not participate in the transaction?
  3. S

    QLD Defamation in a Facebook Group - What to Do?

    Hey all, I'm needing some help or if anyone knows some legal things please. I have been posting my opinion on another public group & I have unintentionally really pissed off a person in this group who is the father mentioned on the group. There is lots of speculation and controversy...
  4. L

    QLD 12-Year-Old Refusing to Go to Dad's - Recourse?

    Hi, I am a grandmother of a 12-year -old girl, and I am asking on her and her mum's behalf. The parents separated when she was 5 months old, due to the father being heavily into pornography and also being very abusive to the mother, which we, her parents, did not know about until 6 months...
  5. G

    VIC Discrimination Law on Banning Member from Sporting Club?

    Hi, I am a member of a sporting club. Our participants range in age from 16 and upwards. Recently, one of the participants of this group have been convicted of child pornography. The person has asked to continue to participate in our events and has provided psychological report as evidence...
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    VIC Reclaiming Mobile Phone from Son's Mother?

    I had bought my 13-year-old son a new mobile phone for his birthday. He has had a hand-me-down one for awhile, which has allowed me to contact him (or him, me) while he is in his mother's care, and vice versa. His mother has confiscated his phone after discovering he has been viewing...
  7. W

    QLD Illegal to Accidentally View Pornography Online?

    Hello, I was on the deep web, just looking through wikis and safe information websites when I stumbled upon a link that I accidentally clicked and was directed to a website. I wasn't sure of the website's content as no images had loaded. I don't know what button I pressed and Images were shown...
  8. C

    VIC How to Prevent More Cyber Bullying?

    Hi, I have recently discovered there is a Flickr account created in my full legal name which is following countless pornography sites. I have recently stopped seeing someone who was becoming obsessive and I am sure he is responsible for this. I have notified Flickr and provided them with...
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    QLD Family Law - Is Ex Exposing Child to Adult Content?

    My ex-wife has downloaded an app on my 9-year-old daughter's ipad that I have recently discovered is a 12+ App but further into the terms of use, it strictly specifies that all users must be over the age of 18. The reason I went looking into the app further is because I discovered very...
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    Age of Consent for Sexting Under Australian Law?

    Is it illegal under Australian Law to engage in text-based dirty talk between a 17-year-old and an adult? I know that the age of consent is 16 years for most of Australia, but this is not intercourse, it is text of a sexual nature. Also, what if the17-year-oldd is in Australia and the adult in...