QLD identifying Particulars notice - what's the law please

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looking for help

New Member
20 February 2021
Hi everyone.
My 20 year old son was pulled over and caught driving while on a sper demerit point licence suspension.
He is being charged with: unlicensed driving. he also allowed them to search his person and car for drugs when asked and they found nothing, but they didn't drug test him, or offer a reason for the search to him.
He was also given a identifying Particulars notice to go into the station for them to process him within 7 days. they are up tomorrow.

Prior to being charged with this offence, he is also been charged with : the offence of driving etc while relevant drug (only cannabis was detected) is present in blood or saliva,
and unlicensed/holder of learners (he didn't have a supervisor with him) this is from November 2020 and just now going to court.

He is on the autism spectrum, he also has anxiety, depression and dyslexia but he smokes cannabis daily to ease his Tourette's syndrome illegally.

My question is does he have to abide by the identifying Particulars notice? Is it illegal if he doesn't will it make his charges worse?

thanks for your help.


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7 October 2020