NSW Impact of Assault Charges on Permanent Residency Application?

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23 April 2019
Hi there,

I have common assault charges on me for which hearing is in the coming days. I have submitted all the documents after getting the invite from NSW and is on bridging visa A.

My PCC is all clear as the charges got on me were after that date.

I have submitted all the documents except form 80 and form 1221 on 18th Feb. Got charges on me on 5th of Feb.

Now recently I thought of uploading form 80 and form 1221 on April 10th, Hence I uploaded it by not providing information in criminal history where I should have checked the checkbox for any legal action pending. But I forgot to do so as all the documents were prepared previously in past.

Now my queries are as follows-

1- Should I upload the form 80 again mentioning about the charges and say that decision is pending? Or should I wait for another 10 days as my hearing date is 7th of May and then upload form 80 with the facts and outcome of the charges.

2- If I don't get a conviction and asked to go for good behaviour bond for 12/24 months, then also do I need to update form 80/1221 with the outcome?

3- If I got convicted with the charges, then I need to update form 80 for sure and do I need to get my PCC done again? Also, will the immigration department grant me and my wife a permanent residency in conviction scenario or they will refuse it?