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Resident return visas (RRV) are three separate but related systems for allowing ordinarily resident and former resident foreign nationals in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States to travel to another country and return to the issuing country.

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  1. N

    Resident Return visa for son

    Original PR of my family (self, spouse and our kids)expired in 2020 and since then I alone had applied and granted RRV till date. Upon next renewal, I wish to also apply RRV for my son who is now 16 years old, so that he can pursue studies in Australia. We are currently in India and he has not...
  2. Joe047

    Resident Return Visa (RRV) visa for kids

    Hi All! Short intro: 15 years ago my family (myself, my ex-wife and my kids) were granted visas to become Australian permanent residents. We arrived in Australia all together in 2008. In 2009, we went through the divorce process and my ex left Australia with my kids, but I decided to stay...
  3. B

    NSW ADVO and Resident Return Visa

    Does an old Apprehended Domestic Violence Order need to be declared in Resident Return Visa applications, and does it impact citizenship application?
  4. P

    Resident Return Visa with criminal charges

    Hi there, Can anyone please advise the likely outcome for a permanent resident who wishes to apply for an RRV with the following scenario? "I am a permanent resident originally from the UK. I am due to reapply for my RRV. I have two Australian born children who are citizens. in the past 5...
  5. N

    Resident Return Visa

    Dear Members, Pls assist me and advise if i am eligible for RRV and what are my chances. I had skilled subclass visa 175 issued back in 2010, me and my wife we did together our first entry to Australia in 2011 and stayed there for 9days and returned. Later due to my wife's health condition(...
  6. M

    Resident Return Visa RRV 155 or 157

    Hello Lawanswers team. Good day! I am an Indian National, I hold a skilled independent 189 sub class visa with family since Feb 2016. I made first entry in August 2016, stayed in Perth for 3 days and came back to UAE where I was working but could not move to Australia due to family reasons. I...
  7. V

    PR Subclass 136 Expired can it be revived via Resident Return Visa subclass 155

    Hi, I have got the Australian PR subclass 136 visa in 2007. As per Visa clause, initial entry was required within 4 months. So I took leave from my company and visited Australia for 2 weeks. After that I came back to India to persue my job and marriage. Beofre marriage I thought I will move to...
  8. L

    Am I Still Qualified to Get a Resident Return Visa?

    I have married an Aussie Citizen back 1997. Our relationship is on and off but we are together in one roof. I stayed in Australia up until 2004. I can't get along with my ex-wife, got divorced at 2007. I have a 20-year-old daughter ( Natural born Aussie Citizen) who lives with her mum. Question...
  9. R

    NSW Am I Eligible for an Australian Citizenship?

    I was in Australia between 1995 and 2005. I got my Permanent Residency in Nov 2002. I was away in India between 1995 & 2003. Returned back in Apr 2015 & got my resident return visa in May 2015. Now I would like to apply for an Australian citizenship. Please let me know whether I am eligible...
  10. V

    NSW Is a Resident Return Visa same as the Permanent Resident Visa?

    Is a Resident Return Visa same as the Permanent Resident Visa?