Resident Return Visa with criminal charges

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27 April 2018
Hi there,

Can anyone please advise the likely outcome for a permanent resident who wishes to apply for an RRV with the following scenario?

"I am a permanent resident originally from the UK. I am due to reapply for my RRV. I have two Australian born children who are citizens. in the past 5 years, I have had 2 apprehended violence orders placed on myself and 2 assault convictions. I have had a good behaviour bond that was breached and I was placed on a community corrections order. I have been of good behaviour since. I have a further historic assault charge and avo in Australia also. I have had assault charges placed on me in Fiji and the UK, but no convictions".

Thank you.


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23 April 2017
The Resident Return Visa (RRV) allows a current or former Australian permanent resident, or former Australian citizen, to travel overseas. Australian citizens have a standard right to enter Australia, but any non-citizen travelling abroad must have a visa to return to the country. An RRV allows a person to travel to and from Australia until the “travel facility” of the visa expires. An RRV can be either a subclass 157 visa (3 months), or a subclass 155 visa (1 year or 5 years). There is no limit to the number of RRVs a person can have.

All visa applicants must meet the character test to be granted a visa which includes while they are in Australia, there is no risk that they would be involved in criminal conduct, harass, molest, intimidate or stalk a person, slander a segment of the Australian community, provoke discord in the Australian community or a part of it or be a danger to the community of Australia or a part of it.