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21 September 2020
I am needing urgent help regarding a matter that pertains to a storage company.

The storage company has declined for me to make payment to retrieve my goods which they had listed for auction despite me calling to make payment over the phone as I had done previously.

I called before the auction closed yet they are refusing to give me back my belongings.

I took the storage company to VCAT after disputing a payment which they refused to revise. This was in March. I applied for an urgent hearing in April which was approved by VCAT, however, the storage company applied for an adjournment and VCAT approved their application for adjournment.

A new hearing date was set for 14 September 2020. I lost and my claim was dismissed.

I was advised to make payment of $810 owed to the storage company in storage fees.

I requested for a payment plan and they declined. They insisted on a full payment or else they would list my belongings for auction.

When I contacted the exact storage facility where my belongings are to make payment, my first call was canceled and my second call went unanswered. I contacted head office and they contacted the facility. The facility claimed I did not contact them yet I have my call log and my call to them is still logged.

I have communicated with their legal officer who has asked me not to bother contacting anyone despite me wanting to know why I cannot make payment when I made an attempt to.

I am numb and in complete disbelief after all I have gone through to be able to make payment only for them to decline that I make payment. The legal officer reiterated multiple times on the only options being full payment or bidding after being contacted directly by myself and other parties regarding a payment plan or extension.

The purpose for this correspondence is to request information on how I can be allowed to make payment for my unit as I intended to and retrieve my belongings.