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The Removalists is a play written by Australian playwright David Williamson in 1971. The main issues the play addresses are violence, specifically domestic violence, and the abuse of power and authority. The story is supposed to be a microcosm of 1970s Australian society.
It was adapted into a Margaret Fink-produced film in 1975, starring Peter Cummins as Simmonds, John Hargreaves as Ross, Kate Fitzpatrick as Kate, Jacki Weaver as Fiona, Martin Harris as Kenny, and Chris Haywood as the Removalist.

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  1. H

    VIC What Constitutes Trespass?

    I have a situation in which I have been accused of trespass on 2 occasions now by my ex-husband. The first situation involved a breach of court orders in which he had failed to provide 7 days notice that he had moved houses. I knew he had moved because the children (who are with him about 40%...
  2. Darren Osborne

    NSW Vending Machine Paid For But Not Supplied on Lease Finance?

    Hi, I have purchased a vending machine which the lease finance company paid the vendor for up front and the supplier after 7 months has failed to provide an operational vending machine. The supplier stated that the machine was ready for collection in November 2018. When a collection attempt...
  3. Timnuts

    SA Damage Caused by Removalists - What to Do?

    Hi, We had our house possessions transported by removalists over 6 months ago. They damaged 3 items - my 55-inch flat screen, my partner's light and sound picture, and had put a hole in one of my lounges. The total replacement cost would approximately be $2500- $3000. I paid for insurance...
  4. T

    SA Removalists Kept My New TV - What to Do?

    My flat burnt down last year and my laptop was destroyed. I was renting it and I had signed a cover for loss from fire or theft, they discontinued my payments so I didn't have to pay for it. I eventually purchased another laptop. I also lost my 42in tv that I had just finished paying for...
  5. M

    SA Toll Transition Refusing to Pay Agreed Compensation - What to Do?

    This is a long standing issue and I would like help on whether I now progress this with an ombudsman or legally Australian Consumer Law please. In January 2010 I moved states and Toll Transitions was the removalists company. I had a lot of damage and theft which they agreed to pay for. They...
  6. K

    VIC Removalists Damaged Furniture - Australian Consumer Law Rights?

    Hi, I used a removalists company (recommended by the storage company) to move my belongings into storage 22/4/15. My leather lounge, tv unit & hall table were damaged due to the incompetency of their employees. I took photos & filled in the claim forms as instructed by company & have kept in...
  7. K

    QLD Removalists Damaging Property In Transit - Liable?

    Hi, I recently moved from one unit to another in the same complex and hired removalists to move the furniture. However they admitted to dropping my refrigerator, passing me the parts that came off. However when I plugged it in at my new unit, it seemed to be working (lights on, fridge humming)...
  8. R

    Transit Insurance - How to Deal with Removalist?

    I have had my stuff moved from Perth to Melbourne, then from Melbourne to QLD. But before it came from the depot in Melbourne, they got burgled and a lot of my stuff got stolen one 30,000 to replace new. I have been going through the removalists insurance since August and they have told me that...
  9. E

    QLD Non-refunded Deposit when Removalist Company Aborted Our Job

    I hired a removalist company in Queensland and paid a $500 deposit. They failed to do the job and have not refunded our deposit. It's a bit complicated because they delegated our job to another company without our permission and without telling us they had done that. The company they delegated...
  10. D

    Intention to Sue Letter from Removalists - What Should I Do?

    Dear sir/ma'am, We moved to our current location 7 months ago. The removalist company gave me an estimate, not counting the supplies used. Having to take out a loan for the move, as it wasn't planned because our landlord decided to sell out. I needed them to tell me the most I would need, so...