How to save marriage when wife's family influence/force for divorce

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17 September 2019
Hi Lawyers,

We both were in relationship from 2010, married in 2017 and were lived together almost 3 years under a roof before our marriage. Her parents were against the marriage because of caste and community issue. In 2018, she went to Australia and on student visa and stated her self single/never married (instructed by her mother) while she was married to me. then she came back to india after 4 months and again marry to me as she stated her self single previously and sent second marriage certificate to australian immigration to get me there on spouse visa.

she lodged my spouse visa in March 2019 from australia, after 10 days she asked me for divorce and forcing me for it in influence of her family and friends. She also done notary in australia and signed from her side where there is no actual reason to break marriage and information is also fake/lies. I have not signed notary/stamp papers signed and sent by her.

even she wanted to leave australia when this incident happen but her father & brother forced her to live there untill they get divorce from me.

- what chances are there to get divorce in australia?
- does she get divorce without my consent in australia?
- can she re marry anyone without getting divorce in australia?
- what are the consequence of lying about her marital status in visa application?

Also, I came to know that her friend is working on her identity (Uber Food Delivery). She (my wife) has only permission of two wheel but her friend is using car for the delivery. Although, they both have job covering 20 hours/week as granted in visa.