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15 October 2018
Back in March of this year I was the victim of a hit and run. Fortunately the one and only witness was able to give me a rego number and photos of the other car, as she had been following behind when I was taken out. I was actually sitting stationery at an intersection. I immediately reported to police and proceeded with my insurance claim. I provided rego, make and model, witness details, but they wanted driver name, address and other insurance company details. So I payed Qld Transport for driver details and passed on. Then told repairs would not proceed until I paid the excess, they would not waiver. To get my car fixed I was forced to pay. This was April. It is now October and all communication has been instigated by me. The other driver has now been found complete with their insurance company and have claimed that I am at fault. And the problem is now that the witness will not respond to any communication and without her my version of events cannot be confirmed. I am feeling totally wronged, and wonder if I am wasting my time pursuing this??