hit and run

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In traffic laws, a hit-and-run is the act of causing a traffic accident and not stopping afterwards. It is considered a supplemental crime in most jurisdictions.

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    VIC Hit and run, didn't get license plate or details. What can be done?

    Firstly, I want to clarify that this is just a hypothetical situation, this hasn't happened to me or anyone I know, I'm just doing research for a story. If a pedestrian was hit by a car and injured badly, would there be any way at all they could follow up on the case if they didn't get the...
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    VIC Car got hit while parked

    Hi, my car was parked on the street , got hit when someone was reversing out of a drive way. A witness left a note for me, decribed the car and left the other car's number plate however the witness did not leave his/her contact details. I have reported this to the police, they told me this is...
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    QLD Hit and Run - Insurance Dilema

    Back in March of this year I was the victim of a hit and run. Fortunately the one and only witness was able to give me a rego number and photos of the other car, as she had been following behind when I was taken out. I was actually sitting stationery at an intersection. I immediately reported...
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    VIC Car Damaged by Hit & Run on Stockland Estate

    Hi I would like to seek legal advise to claim damage towards Stockland the land developer for lack of duty of care to protect resistance property, in this case it's my car. Story as below on the 27th of Feb 2015, I parked my car on the street parking one night while visiting my friend and a...
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    VIC Taxi Hit and Run - File New Report with Police?

    Hi I'm trying to get some help on behalf of my sister. She and her friend were victims of a hit and run incident involving a taxi. She says she was travelling straight through an intersection on a green light when her car was hit on the left front passenger side by a taxi who had run a red...