VIC Car got hit while parked

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16 June 2019
Hi, my car was parked on the street , got hit when someone was reversing out of a drive way. A witness left a note for me, decribed the car and left the other car's number plate however the witness did not leave his/her contact details. I have reported this to the police, they told me this is going to be difficult as the witness didn't leave any contact details so it would be considered as non witnessed. In this case they can not complete a police report. The good thing is the police did manage to find the owner of the car and provided her phone number. The owner said it was her friend driving her car on the day and she didn't know anything about the hit and run. Initially she was happy to be contacted and talk about the repair , then she came up with the idea of privately fixing it without going through the insurance. We weren't happy with this idea and insisted on going through insurance company, now this owner is refusing to reply any message/speak to us /provide her driver licence and insurance details . Can anyone give us some advices on this ? Thanks


Well-Known Member
25 July 2018
My initial thought is to give everything you have to your insurer and let them chase it up.