Getting Policies Written for Cooperative Legal/Law?

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30 April 2014
HI I am one of the 10 Modern Internet Founders and I did my contribution to the design of this global network we use under the banner of Chronolabs which is a multifaceted cooperative who also has child companies in other countries. (You will find some support document of this here:

We need to get some amendments done to our constitution so we can in place a structurally sound board of directors (As well as find some more and hopefully women, old fashion boards of men are old hat and boring - there is only at the moment CEO, MD, President & Chair) with what we have decided our topology will be which is:
  1. Patron & Associate Member
  2. Executive Directors (Exclusive too)
    1. Chairperson
    2. Chief Executive Officer
    3. Managing Director
    4. President
    5. Treasure
    6. Secretary
    7. Indigenous Affairs
    8. Government Liaison
  3. None-executive Directors (Not Limited Too)
    1. Openness Director
    2. Indigenous Assistive
    3. Assisting Secretary
    4. Assisting Treasure
    5. Assisting Manager
    6. Marketing Manager
    7. Legal Council
    8. Research & Development
    9. Software Development
  4. Staff & Contractors
  5. Media Providers & Producers
  6. Assistive Technical Support
  7. Infrastructure Providers
  8. Fellows & Councils
  9. Associative Members
  10. Affiliated Organization
  11. Support Officers
  12. Testing Officers
  13. 3rd Party & 2nd Hand Providers
  14. Life-time members
  15. Volunteers
  16. Freeloading Members & End Users
We also need to, after the clauses are discussed at the next board meeting which will be our general meeting (Last on on Sat 26th Aug was Cancelled), be outline what we need in our Internet Fair Usage Policy (IFUP) for a guide for what we provide council and legal advise for groups like ICANN and IANA.

We do have some lawyers/solicitors in our affiliations, but we are looking for someone to make these changes and write policies perhaps they would like to as a business owner also chair the role on the board of Legal Council Director (None-Executive) who would normally if we had one at the moment be the one even writing this blog or contacting someone I tried too that website said they offered legal services - charter merchantile but would never return my call at all or would only have an answering machine.

Anyway, any thoughts people we're I should go to for the cooperatives legal documentation issues under contract law. We don't have a lot of physical cash at the moment, but we are intrinsically extremely wealthy which does rub off on organisations that sponsor and support our business increasing their business wealth and profitability it just does that with us with Human Aspects and the consumer model society we live in with Chronolabs.


Simon Roberts

Tim W

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28 April 2014
Your matter is significantly more complex than you may realise.
Indeed, even explaining why that is, is beyond the scope of a forum such as this.
Really, you need to engage a full service law firm as soon as possible.
Yes, this will involve paying professional fees,
that will almost certainly need to be paid in real money.
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