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  1. N

    Guidelines for recording minutes of not-for-profit incorporated associations

    Hi all, I'm responsible for taking minutes in a QLD incorporated association. I'm looking for some guidance around what needs to be recorded. For example, in voting for management committee members at the AGM, should the number of votes for, against and abstain be recorded or simply the result...
  2. A

    QLD How does indemnity protect committee members of an unincorporated association — namely the President, Secretary, and Treasurer?

    Hi! I was wondering how indemnity works in relation to an unincorporated association. What do you need to ensure to know that you are absolutely protected? What laws relate to indemnity requirements / elements? Especially pertaining to the roles of President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  3. P

    QLD Co-Officebearers positions - two people in Incorporated Associations/Not for Profits

    Just wondering whether anyone knows whether Queensland has restrictions to co-officebearers in their incorporated association legislation? eg. Co-president, co-secretaries, co-treasurers etc. It seems to be quite common in other states and nationally for associations can have two people in the...
  4. S

    Use of the word "association"

    I wish to run a profitable business using a domain name and business name including the word "association", example "". 1.Membership is free to join however there is a cost to use the association logo if so desired by the member. OR 2. Membership is paid...
  5. P

    QLD Requirements for Not for Profit Fundraising Transparency?

    Does anybody know the reporting/transparency requirements for Not For Profit fundraising? Specifically - a Queensland-based sporting club is raising money to send a specific team to an event in 2020. If they hold fundraisers that are promoted specifically for this purpose, do the club and...
  6. phoebs

    VIC Changing to Constitution of NFP Incorporated Associations?

    Hello folks, I wonder if anyone with experience in Incorporated Associations could clarify for me who we would write to in order to lift an “executive order” in the context of the checklist item below (from the JusticeConnect NFP Checklist: Meeting new rules requirements for incorporated...
  7. K

    VIC Who Should be a Representative of Incorporated Associations?

    Hi, I would love to have any help regarding the following situation: A foreign incorporated association would like to extend its activities in Melbourne. From a legal standpoint, is it possible for me to be their representative while being the member of an un-corporated association, or should...
  8. T

    QLD Previous Secretary of Incorporated Associations Giving Information - Illegal?

    Hi, Is it at all illegal under for a past Secretary or Treasurer of a community-based incorporated association, to disclose to an outsider, via email, copies of past financial statements, without first asking for authorisation from the present Management committee?
  9. D

    QLD Not for Profit Incorporated Associations - Voting Rights of Life Members?

    Can a life member who pays the dues also be an ordinary member? Under our constitution life members do not have voting rights while ordinary financial members do. The organisation is a NFP (Not for Profit) incorporated association. Further, if this member does not have voting rights, does this...
  10. C

    VIC Unincorporated Organisation Making A Loan?

    I would love advice regarding the following situation: a kindergarten was asked to relinquish its incorporated status some years ago to join a cluster management group (who are also unincorporated and overseen by a Board on behalf of incorporated associations). Four years ago the cluster...