NSW Get Money Paid Back from Partner and Family Members?

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19 December 2014
I know it's difficult to get money back from family/relatives. How can I legally require my husband to pay me back money which I received from my parents?

When we bought a house, I asked for money from my parents for part payment, and they gave me half as my inheritance money and the rest as a personal loan. It's been more than 10 years now and I want to pay them back as well as get back my inheritance, but my husband just says there's no money although it is sitting in the bank as part of a mortgage offset acct. This has been a regular cause for argument, and I'm afraid I may never get it back. My husband probably thinks it's all conjugal money now but I don't think so, ESP since my dad specified that most of it is for me.

Please advise.


Hi Jasperito,

Have you and your husband separated? Or are you about to separate? Is that why you are trying to get this money off him? Or do you just want to hold your inheritance money in a separate account in your own name so that you can use it yourself?