GE Capital Court Judgement and Credit Repair?

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27 February 2015

I recently went for a loan and was knocked back due to a court judgement in 2012 with GE Capital.

I spoke to a credit repair agency they informed me that GE Capital have a policy in which they do NOT sign any documentation to set aside judgements.

The issue I have here is that once I received the letter in the mail threatening to take me to court we came to an agreement that I would make a payment and set up a payment plan and they would cease all legal action.

And it turns out that not only did they get my payment and the payment plan but they decided to continue legal action and as such I am in this situation now.The debt has been paid for years now but is still showing no status or date paid on my credit file also.

Do I have any grounds to get GE Capital to remove this from my credit file all together since they did not keep their end of the agreement? Unfortunately I do not have the agreement in writing as it was over the phone, however if "all phone calls are recorded" like they say, or even notes on my account they should see what they agreed to.

If there is nothing I can do then I wont be able to buy a house for the next 2 years, which since my parents are selling up and moving overseas leaves me in quite a bad situation.

Thanks in advance.

Tim W

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28 April 2014

Although I am not an Admin here,
please allow me to invite your attention to the Community Guidelines,
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27 February 2015
Even if anyone knows where i can look i am happy to research for myself however not sure on where i can find any laws/policies or anything like that in regards to this :(

Victoria S

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9 April 2014
Did you get it in writing?
Did you get this resolved Tom? If not, I recall you mentioned two years to go in your original post.
Have you confirmed the judgment has "dropped off" your credit file after five years?