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Judgement (or judgment) is the evaluation of evidence to make a decision. The term has four distinct uses:
Informal – opinions expressed as facts.
Informal and psychological – used in reference to the quality of cognitive faculties and adjudicational capabilities of particular individuals, typically called wisdom or discernment.
Legal – used in the context of legal trial, to refer to a final finding, statement, or ruling, based on a considered weighing of evidence, called, "adjudication". See spelling note for further explanation.
Religious – used in the concept of salvation to refer to the adjudication of God in determining Heaven or Hell for each and all human beings. God's assessment of a person's worth: a determination of "good" conveys great value while "evil" conveys worthless).
Additionally, judgement can mean:
Personality judgment, a psychological phenomenon of a person forming opinions of other people.

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    QLD Legal assistance in lodging Form-9-Application-UCPR & Form-46-Affidavit-UCPR to set aside default judgement.

    I am seeking to lodge an application to have a default judgement set aside so I can have it removed from my credit report. The judgement claim has been satisfied and the plaintiff(Credit Corp) will not contest. The reason for failing to file a defense within the required timeframe is...
  2. T

    VIC Obtaining default judgment

    I have waited over two months for a reply to my initiating application to the FedCirCourt and have decided that I should seek judgment by default. The trouble is I can't find much help in doing so. The furthest I've got is (I think) that I have to file an amendment (and affidavit) to my...
  3. C

    Post Judgment Interest

    I have a post judgment debt that hasn’t been paid for 5 years. Can I get compound interest for late payment? I am confused how the old law on simple interest tors with commercial reality today.
  4. T

    NSW Default Judgment Debt

    Looking for advice. In October 2017, a statement of claim was served at an address that I did not live. I had given incorrect information under oath in an unrelated matter when asked what my address was. It was that address that was used for the service of court documents by the plaintiffs...
  5. S

    NSW Statement of claim and Judgment

    Hi Guys, I need help here. In a background : I have two accounts with Credit corp ( CC) and I have been paying them since 2008. Suddenly , in November 2017, I was told my that there are error in their reference number, requested me to change the reference number. I accepted the request and...
  6. H

    NSW default judgment overturned

    I had a default judgment overturned recently. The money $8,000 was paid to me last year into a pty ltd company, whom used it to pay down debt. The company has since stopped trading and has $50 cash on hand.No other assets. Can I be chased personally?