QLD Flat car battery while at repairers

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9 November 2017
My insurer has been struggling to get repairs done due to a high demand. As the result my car battery has gone flat. I thought that flat car batteries reduces the lifespan of the battery. I was hoping for a car battery replacement but the insurer claims that
is over 3 years old which is outside of normal operating life and out of warranty. So if there is a receipt of purchase for a newer battery, they are not replacing it.

I will probably go through the complaints process, but I thought if anyone else has any experience or thoughts? Really appreciate it all.

Rob Legat - SBPL

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16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
I'm no mechanic, but I do know : (1) warranties on car batteries aren't very long, (2) they can die very suddenly, and (3) they're not covered by insurance. The only potential difference may be if it is a 'deep cycle' battery, which are usually found in electrical vehicles and four wheel drives. They have a longer warranty.