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    NSW 4 months after an accident and still no reply from QBE.

    Hello, This is the first time am posting something on this website as I have never been in such a mess. Few months back exactly on 8th Of April, 2017 I was driving home from work on a very busy road around bexley, stoney creak road. I was driving in a slow pace as there was a huge traffic in...
  2. K

    QLD Obligations of an Insurance Company under Insurance Law?

    Hi, my question is, does an insurance company have a legal obligation under Insurance Law to notify its insured about a serious product safety issue that had been identified by their assessor? In this case, the insurance company also insures the manufacturer of the product and did not notify us...
  3. C

    WA Bore Motor - Insurance Claim Declined?

    Where should we go with a further complain after the car insurance claim for the bore motor was declined? So far we re-submitted the claim adding extra historical and technical explanations and requested a new assessment from the technical insurance assessor.
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    QLD Car Accident - Bullying from Car Insurance Company

    In October 2014, I was involved in a car accident resulting in damage to both cars. As I was unlicensed at the time, the car accident was judged to be my fault and the other person's car insurance company sent a letter of demand for payment of $9,800 for repairs carried out on her car. The...
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    VIC Car Insurance - Smash Repair Shop Rights?

    My car has been repaired under a comprehensive car insurance claim. the smash repair shop demands I pay him money which I have refuse and he has refused to give me back my car he had repaired. Has he the right to retain my car? I note he has had the Insurance assessor approval to carry out the...