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The National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA) is an Australian organisation offering roadside assistance, motoring advice, car servicing, International Driving Permits, travel, and other services in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. It is a member-owned mutual organisation.
The organisation historically also offered insurance. That segment was eventually spun out as NRMA Insurance, and is now a brand and operating unit of Insurance Australia Group (IAG). The NRMA and NRMA Insurance are independent companies and are both in agreement to use the same brand and name. Both companies are responsible for distinguishing the difference between the two organisations.

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  1. BillyTea

    NSW NRMA - a question of questionable ethics to managing my claim?

    I have been dealing with NRMA regarding a claim for over three years now. Overview: we had a small mould issue in our house, NRMA moved us out and then did nothing for 4 months and in that time the house was completely filled with mould. NRMA accepted the building claim, NRMA had a hygienist...
  2. L

    NSW Falsely Accused of Fault in a Car Accident?

    Please help us! My 17-year-old son was taking her sister home from sport and a lady in a car merged from the left lane into his right lane (broken lines). She indicated with her right blinker and appears she moved straight over to his lane without checking her blind spot. My son applied the...
  3. B

    NSW Nrma changed there decision on my vehicle being a write off

    Hi my question is can an insurer change there mind on a decision of my vehicle being deemed a write off. I had a motorbike accident where i mounted the kerb and lost control of my bike. After making my claim i waited 3 months to hear a response. I was then told that my vehicle was assessed and...
  4. J

    NSW Australian Consumer Law - Returning Faulty Second-hand Car?

    My son bought his first car from a second hand dealer. 1997 Mazda, 174 000 kms. $4400. 15 min down the road, the car is undrivable. My son had organised NRMA so he used their service to tow to the nearest service centre where the car now sits, but NRMA want either a repair booking or the car...
  5. M

    NSW Who to Send Letter of Demand to?

    On the 17th of March, I was involved in an accident that resulted in my current injuries, For reference, a parked car pulled out in front of my motorcycle without indicating and I was unable to stop in time thus the car accident occurred. I was injured and taken to hospital, however I was quite...
  6. Tomma

    NSW Collision with Car - Help with Financial Damage Control?

    Hi, Thanks in advance for reading this. Here is what happened: I was crossing an intersection on my bicycle on orange light - it turned orange when I was too close to the stop line to stop. My intention was to go straight through the intersection when traffic coming from the opposite...
  7. P

    ACT Private Car Sale - Can Buyer Take Me to Small Claims Court?

    I sold a car having made full and honest representation of its condition (excellent) within the advertisement on the internet. The person who purchased it did not take it for a test drive nor request a vehicle inspection, but chose to test certain aspects within the basement of my apartment...
  8. E

    NSW Australian Consumer Law - Private Seller Sold Me Not Roadworthy Lemon Car

    Hi I purchased a used vehicle in a private sale in Sydney on Thursday 23rd of Sept. 2015 for $6500. My son drove it home and then again he drove it 3 days later and needed a jump start to get it to a fuel station and then a jump start to get it home where it sat until I could get the NRMA to...
  9. J

    NSW Cost of Hire Car while Car Is Under Warranty

    Hi there, My car broke down and had to be towed to the dealer where I normally service the car. It was purchased in August 2012, so within the 3 year warranty period. The NRMA technician diagnosed the problem as an issue with the alternator not charging (ie not a flat battery). When I towed the...
  10. A

    NSW Car Became Statutory Write-off after Purchased - What to Do?

    I Purchased a 2004 WRX in November 2014, after two months of driving the vehicle,Ii get pulled over and told my registration had been cancelled because my car was a write off. I done a REVS check to confirm if this was the case and it was true. The car had become a write off on the 13th January...