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QLD Family Law - Niece's Children in My Care - Where Do I Stand?

Discussion in 'Family Law Forum' started by Upset Aunty, 19 December 2015.

  1. Upset Aunty

    Upset Aunty Member

    19 December 2015
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    My ex-husband's brother married a woman that had my niece prior, both marriages have now split 6 years ago. I had minimal contact with my niece until she called me in a state saying no one would help her and she needed my help. When I got there, she had a huge pile of papers (an affidavit of sorts) saying that she gives me first preference of caring for her children amongst other things, which I have since lost. I have had the 2 boys in my care for 7 weeks. She has not deliberately seen them since the first week. Said she would call and hasn't, said she'd come see them and hasn't.

    She has given me money each week, approx $60-$150 each time. I had a call from the hospital to collect her as she was found in her car 'not quite right' were the words from the staff member that rang me requesting her to be collected. And then yesterday, one of her sisters informed me that she had picked her up and taken her somewhere far to obtain drugs. I have explained the situation and her medical issues to reformed drug users and they have also said she is using methamphetamine.

    As I have had these beautiful little boys (8 months and 3 years) for 7 weeks and their other family members are happy for them 2 stay with me along with my 3 children 15,11 &10, where do I stand from a legal standpoint and what steps do I need to take under Family Law?
  2. JS79

    JS79 Well-Known Member

    2 October 2015
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