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3 September 2020
We had the family report writer interview both me and the ex husband who has taken me to court over where the children live. Currently the children spend 40% of their time with him. He insists he should have 50%. The memo from the family report writer is that the current arrangements continue for now which is what I think is best. The memorandum states that he made a number of allegations (that are clearly false and he has no evidence to support) at his interview including that I have a problem with alcohol and mental health issues that affect parenting. There were other false allegations as well. My question is will is false allegations backfire on him? Do judges and their associates generally see through the false allegations as the family report writer did? How do his false allegations help/ hinder his case? I am very happy to have any blood tests or doctors reports to show that they are false if it comes to that.


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27 September 2015
stress less. Innocent until proven guilty. He has to prove that you're a risk. This sort of mud slinging is poor form in family law and generally backfires. Clearly it has back fired in this case because the recommendations are for the current 40% to continue.
How is he going to answer this question... So dad, mum is a hazard? why are you only raising this now? Why have you not done more to protect the kids from this harmful person?

He has shot himself in the foot.

Solution? do nothing... Or buy him a bottle of win from the kids for father's day.... I personally give my ex a mug every mother's day. Well the kids give it to her, and a box of chocolates. The mug? because a mug is colloqual for an idiot. It is my inside joke. And the chocolates, well the kids see me being nice to mum but again it is my little joke. She made accusations that i was abusive blah blah. So my response is to do something nice for her. Tell me again how I was abusive? FFS.

Lesson for you. Smile and nod. Stay calm.