DHS Child Protection Problems - False Reports and Allegations

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21 June 2014
We had our child taken away from false allegations of abuse 3 months ago. The case worker was ordered to send away for a referral for a independent clinician family assessment through family law court clinic. The DHS (Department of Human Services) haven't done this and its getting close to court date. I feel they may be delaying so they can brain wash people into believing their lies on their reports. My question is can they get away with false reports and allegations? Also what can I do to bring our daughter home without the DHS being involved in the decision. I am currently seeing a counsellor due to the emotional stress they have caused me. Is it possible to order a clinical report from the place I'm already attending without revealing to DHS or otherwise where and by who?


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19 April 2014
Hi Sarah,
Sounds like a complicated situation - Have you spoken to the place you're already attending about whether they you can confidentially order a clinical report without them revealing it to DHS?