SA Ex Won't Return Belongings - Theft?

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paul manhire

27 July 2014
My ex is 30 years old. She has borrowed some personal belongings from me, such as a new steam mop, and money is much more, even taken money from credit card for payments (now has become credit card debt). She refuses to give anything back. Some of the goods I've been asking for 2 years. All I get is abuse. She also refuses to give my house key back.
Do I report this to police as theft of stolen property?


Well-Known Member
10 July 2014
The second she stole your keys or any of your possessions, you should've contacted the SA Police. Basically, if you believe she owes you money check this link out.


Anyone that takes something from you with the intention of permanently depriving you of it, commits theft under the Criminal Code. You can report this to the police who will file a report on it.

Recovering money and other goods can also be done through civil proceedings which will require you to file a claim with the local court and may cost you money in legal and filing fees.