credit card fraud

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  1. J

    QLD Recovering Years of Illegal Direct Debit Charges by Gym

    Hi there, Yesterday I discovered that a gym that I have never heard of before has been direct debiting my credit card since early 2014 (6 years). I have never heard of this gym, never been to the gym, never spoken to anyone from that gym. Six years ago I filled out a gym application and a...
  2. MartinGC

    QLD Victim to Credit Card Fraud - Do I Have a Case?

    I'm a victim of credit card fraud from Coles Financial Services. I've immediately reported it to my bank who is still investigating the matter but for now returned my funds. They continued to process charges on my account until it ran empty. I have no business with CFI but somehow they emptied...
  3. D

    VIC Financial Separation - Threats of Credit Card Fraud Considered Blackmail?

    My ex husband continually outside our solicitors that are handling our financial separation is sending me and my father emails that say if I don't pay a specific amount of money before set dates that he is going to have me charged with credit card fraud ( he says that i illegally spent money on...
  4. D

    WA Criminal Record - Can I return to Queensland to work?

    Hello Friends! Happy Australia Day! In 2009 I left Qld in a hurry as my partner was about to be arrested, we had been in trouble for a while and I had been put on probation for a credit card fraud charge for using someone's credit card amounting to $2500.00, none of which was reimbursed. Not...
  5. S

    Telephone Order Fraud and Credit Card Chargebacks - What to Do?

    I own a shop and was contacted via email from a person who wanted to purchase a large amount of my stock. After emails back and forth with the prices, the discount I gave and the delivery instructions, he then called to make payment. He asked if it was ok to spread it over a few of his cards and...