WA Ex Posting Inappropriate Photos of Me on Facebook - Compensation?

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15 February 2015
Anything I can do for justice or compensation for damages & heartache caused by an ex posting inappropriate naked images on Facebook. A court dealing with a VRO has said they believe the evidence to be true & police haven't done anything?


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10 February 2015
Hi Seant,

Yes Australia is very behind when it comes to revenge porn and in fact in protecting women against sexual assault and harassment generally. I am very sorry to hear that this has happened to you.

I suggest that you contact facebook if you haven't already and ask them to take it down. If the photos show up in a google search, ask them to remove it from their cache as well. I found a report by the Office of the Information Commissioner but there are no federal laws as yet. Submission to the ALRC on Discussion Paper 80: Serious invasions of privacy in the digital era - OAIC


23 January 2015
I can't offer much advice on this, except Facebook can ban members for a month or so if they post pornographic images. This would only serve as a minor inconvenience though not much of a punishment. Sharing those photos on Facebook is incredibly stupid. Good luck to any future relationships for your ex if they find out they have been posting these of you, what's to say they won't do it to future exes. No one would want to date someone who does this. Their friends will also think they're a moron.

There was a case recently where the owner of a site that republished these types of images got jail time but I assume it was in America and that he was extorting the victims to remove the images, I haven't looked into it though and cannot really research it at the moment.