NSW Evidence of Abuse On Childs Ipad Admissable?

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12 October 2021
Guten morgan, I was looking through my child's tablet yesterday and was looking at her google photos and found several videos of my ex beating them.
Now the account that is logged in is my ex's, though I did not have to enter in any password as it was already logged on, I just opened the application.
Am I able to submit such evidence to the court?

There's hundreds of photos of my house, car and of me walking in the street as well, as well as thousands of photos of my online presence as I'm well known in my work.
It appears they're stalking me when I have custody, can I use these for a protection order as I am frightened by them, I left several years ago due to domestic violence.


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27 September 2015
"It appears they're stalking me when I have custody"
Ok, look, that bit needs some explaining. The word custody isn't used... So do you mean when the kid is with you?

If one person is filming a child being beaten then I'd advise you take that to the police. While you're there you can show the photos of you. So If i'm reading this right you reckon they're using your kids tablet to photograph you when you're with the child? Look that might help get a protection order, but I reckon the cops would want more... Evidence of threats made by them towards you for example.