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  1. A

    NSW Alcohol and Drugs - Help with Stepchild's Welfare?

    Hi, I need some help. A bit of background: I have a 6-year-old child/stepchild whom my partner has equal custody with his stepson's mother. My partner and I also have an 18-month-old together, so it is my stepson's half-sister. There has been a lot of questionable things happening at the...
  2. C

    NSW Ipad Dilemma over Activation Lock

    On 21st December, 2018 I purchased a used Ipad Air for the sum of $200 cash from Facebook Member Deanna Tully in Facebook Marketplace. I was assured the Ipad had been erased and removed from her icloud account as requested at the Apple Store in Penrith NSW. On arriving home I proceeded to set up...
  3. D

    QLD Deleting Information on Personal Property - Illegal Under Privacy Laws?

    Hi, Can someone please clarify for me if it is illegal under privacy laws for a person to access personal information about another person, without permission, on that other person's computer and then delete, modify or steal that person's private and personal information? In simple terms, I...
  4. Caleb M

    QLD Purchased iPad from Gumtree - How to Take Seller to QCAT?

    Hello, I bought an iPad from this person on Gumtree face to face. We met at a place and I paid in cash. The iPad turned out to be activation locked later when I tried to set up. I specifically asked if it was activation locked or not before we met, and he said it was not. I could not test...
  5. D

    QLD Sold iPad on Gumtree - Rights as Sellers?

    Hi, I sold a iPad on Gumtree to a guy who purchased it in person at my house. He looked over, said it was fine, paid and left. 4 1/2 hours later, he sends me a text wanting a refund saying he's found a crack in the screen. What are my Australian Consumer Law rights as the seller? I looked...
  6. J

    VIC How to Get iPad Back from Police?

    Hi, My ex was staying in his mate's house when the house was raided. His mate was locked up a few weeks prior to the raid and my ex was staying there in a house sitting capacity. While my ex was at work, the house was raided and an iPad (which was mine that I had given to him to fix for me)...
  7. C

    QLD Family Law - Is Ex Exposing Child to Adult Content?

    My ex-wife has downloaded an app on my 9-year-old daughter's ipad that I have recently discovered is a 12+ App but further into the terms of use, it strictly specifies that all users must be over the age of 18. The reason I went looking into the app further is because I discovered very...
  8. H

    QLD Criminal Law - Accidentally Went into Child Pornography Site?

    I came across something that terrified me and has me hanging by a thread. I was looking for porn (please don't judge) and I was looking for "young porn" referring to a range of 18-25 since I'm only 17; I wanted something a little closer to my age. When I clicked on a video, a new tab suddenly...
  9. J

    QLD Verbal Employment Contract but Not Paid Agreed Amount

    Hi. My Queensland based company offered me a position in another department. The manager & I had a meeting to discuss my new employment contract, pay rate, etc. I asked for an extra $26,000 on top of my gross pay. Even though I had recently completed cert4, I had no actual experience, so we...
  10. C

    VIC Theft Charge After 2 Years Clean Criminal Record?

    I will be honest in the past ten years I have been charged three times with involvement of deception , the last time I faced court was just over two years ago where I was given an Intensive corrections order for over 12 months, now two years has passed I obtained two diplomas had been working...