VIC Energy company got right to bill without my consent

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Mark mark

14 January 2020

I was with Energy Australia for electricity and gas connection. one day I logged to my account and found that my electric connection was inactive. I called Energy Australia and found that Simply Energy has won the right to bill. The funny thing is I never contacted Simply energy to switch my account. Also, Energy Australia never contacted me as well. So my billing got changed from one provider to another provider without my knowledge and communication.

I contacted Simply energy and customer service said they check internally what happened but didn't give any information. I sent an e-mail to them however no response from them for more than a month. I have again sent an -mail, however no reply as of now.

1. I want to know what action I can take?
2. Can I go for financial compensation and how much I can get?
3. Can I raise compliance for both Energy Australia and Simply energy?