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Origin is an Australian listed public energy company with headquarters in Sydney. It is an Australian Stock Exchange publicly listed company.

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    Origin Energy charging me with no contract

    Hi, I have a rental company and over the last 5 years Origin Energy have been charging me for Hot Water Service for several apartments at a block that we manage some apartments on behalf of the owners. I dont know how they started the accounts as we never filled out any forms, nor are we...
  2. M

    NSW Debt Collectors Claiming Suspicious Bill - What to Do?

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right spot. About 7 months ago, my partner got a call from a debt collector about 2 energy bills. One bill, he said, belonged to him yet they won't take the money for it and the other bill belongs to his brother. He gave the company his brother's number and they...
  3. T

    Overcharged Electricity Bill by Origin Energy - What to Do?

    Hi, Hope you're all doing well, I have a problem with my electricity provider, A few years ago they changed one meter in my electricity box and put in a digital meter with digital display instead of the old analogue type,. Recently that meter went blank, they replaced the meter and gave me an...