Origin Energy charging me with no contract

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30 April 2018
Hi, I have a rental company and over the last 5 years Origin Energy have been charging me for Hot Water Service for several apartments at a block that we manage some apartments on behalf of the owners.

I dont know how they started the accounts as we never filled out any forms, nor are we connected to the apartments in question.

I have been telling them to stop charging us and cease billing us. The debt collectors eventually call, and I tell them show me the signed contract and they leave us alone.

Except now its getting really annoying, they continually harass me via email, phone call and sms almost on a daily basis with bills now at exhorbitant amounts.

I managed to find the right department in Origin Energy to email my annoyance to, to which they responded by claiming under s54 National Energy Retail Law that they have deemed us liable for these bills. Along with another intimidating phone call and harassing emails and sms.

We are based in the NT and upon research the law they refer to doesnt apply. It only applies to the eastern states.

My issue is I have tried to reach out to the Energy Ombudsman - which we dont have any in the NT,
The Australian Energy Regulator - doesnt appear to have any jurisdiction in the NT
The ombusdman in the NT says its outside of their jurisdiction
Consumer Affairs NT say its not a consumer issue its a business issue so they cant help

I think I will need to get a good lawyer - who is the best in Australia to go up against Origin Energy.

What they are doing is dirty tactics, charging me instead of finding the owner responsible for the hot water charges and then bullying me to make the requisite owner sign up so they they will redress the issue.

I cant believe what is happening. Can anyone shed any light on the matter please?




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6 April 2016
That is an interesting case? Plus i had no idea there was special legislation 'in the eastern states' that allow Origin to pick a target out of a hat for debt collection??? Amazing.

A lawyer is going to cost money, so firstly i would send a letter to Origin that if they do not cease and desist, you will be hiring a lawyer and will be seeking costs from them for all legal fees you may incur.

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