NSW Ending Business Partnership and Partner Changed Locks?

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19 May 2019
I decided to end my business partnership with my partner and the next day she changed the locks on me (only her name was on the commercial lease, but the landlord knew that we were partners). We have a written agreement which says that at any time, any one of us could ask to leave. In which case the other partner can buy the exiting partner out.

Due to the amount of the assets + an outstanding bill (for products already sold that we produced) only amounts to less than 10k, we haven't consulted a lawyer and we are trying to come up with an agreement amicably so that we can settle it out of court. She is, however, unreasonable.

The partnership ended 3 months ago. She continues to operate our business without paying us a single cent. Plus she is sending emails to our suppliers telling them lies (that can easily be proven false) and stalking us online.

She got a lawyer and tried to get us to sign an agreement with a reduced amount, on a public holiday claiming that if we didn't accept her offer and we went to court, we would have to pay her lawyer's fee.

I am afraid that she is just buying time and purposely bankrupting the business before she pays us what she owes us.

I appreciate your time and help in advance.