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  1. S

    WA Partnership Agreement

    Wanting advise for the best way to go about getting a partnership agreement written up. I know there are so many available online and it is best to get a lawyer but as we are a new business starting up we do not have the funds available to pay a lawyer tat present so was wondering what things we...
  2. B

    WA No Partnership Agreement - Am I Entitled a Larger Share?

    I am a sole trader and had been working with a family member who provided me with their stock to sell. I developed the systems and manage the sales of the stock and we shared in the decision making and both lived off of drawings from the bank accounts which I held under my name. After 2 years...
  3. J

    NSW Limiting Liability in a Partnership Agreement?

    I have recently set up a business with a partner (under a partnership agreement structure) and am now needing to mitigate any risk to our (my wife and I) personal assets, as under this structure there is no limit to the liability. I am aware a corporation has limited liability to the worth of...
  4. A

    NSW Possible for One Partner to Assume All Debt?

    When one person is leaving a partnership and the other will continue the business as a sole trader, is it possible for the partner continuing on the business to assume all debt occurred if both parties agree and sign a document stating this?
  5. Clark Kent

    QLD Partnership Agreement Dispute - What are My Options?

    Hi, In 2013, a friend requested my help in building what became very profitable technology. We agreed on various splits for work to be completed by both. We also shared expenses relative to our holdings. We were both exposed to the upside as well as the downside. I still have all the logs...
  6. H

    QLD What Options Other Than Partnership Agreement Do I Have?

    Hi everyone, I've spent over the last year creating a product in the hangover industry. Because my background is medical, marketing has been an issue for myself and I have since found a marketing guru in the USA who saw a big market and wanted to be involved. We have come to the agreement for...
  7. C

    QLD Planned Business with Friend Without Partnership Agreement - Can I Back Out?

    I came up with a business idea, told my wife the idea and I put it on the back burner and did not pursue it. A couple months later a friend of mine tells me about this business idea he has and it happens to be the same as the one I told my wife. This prompted me to pursue this business and my...
  8. D

    QLD Verbal Partnership Agreement and Domain Names - Is It Valid?

    A friend came to me last year with an idea for a website. She told me that she needed someone to help her because she didn't have the skills but she thought I did. I believe we have a verbal agreement to start a website - I registered the domain names and commissioned artwork for a logo...
  9. T

    TAS Partnership Agreement and Tax Evasion Issues?

    I have some Questions regarding silent partners. Here is some background information to start. I work for a restaurant as a manager. Upon taking a job for this restaurant, I have decreased wages and improved reputation and business performance exceptionally well. Turnover is approximately 200k...
  10. A

    VIC Pursued by Debt Collectors Even After Dissolving Business Partnership Agreement?

    Hi, I was part of a business partnership agreement that was dissolved January 2015 and a settlement arrangement was entered where I assumed liability for certain debts, the other partner assumed other debts and continued trading. I now have a company taking me to court for an account that...