QLD Dv relationship and parenting orders

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3 February 2017
Hi my ex husband has several dv orders against him, we have consent orders for kids they were suspended for 2 months last year due to a failed drug test, he is in another new dv relationship, he has been to court twice for assault/dv breaches latest being this week. I’m worried for my children his family pays for top lawyers and I can’t afford one so court is daunting and stressful but I want to make sure my kids are protected his partner has also been charged. Each occasion has been In front of her children but mine have only witnessed the verbal fights and not been present when police have arrested them. Do I just do nothing as my kids haven’t been present? Or do I return to court? I’m worried that he is back on ice. I’m not sure if I’m strong enough to go through court again though. Please help.


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27 September 2015
No harm done to kids? no problem. Sure lots to worry about but as far as far has having a legitimate argument in court... If the kids have not been exposed to any inappropriate behaviour then you have no case.


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29 March 2017
This is clearly a terrible environment for your kids. Speak to your lawyer. Ask for a drug test. Restrict his access to the kids because they’re clearly not safe with him.


11 November 2019
In Vic, being exposed to DV (inc verbal abuse, fighting- even witnessing evidence of DV) is considered child abuse- even if you’re the victim and don’t satisfy the police that you are acting as a “protective parent”, you can be charged. Exposure to any level of DV has serious effects on children, that can negatively impact the rest of their lives.
I would call the police local to your ex, tell them the situation and ask for their advice.

At the end of a long, violent and Abusive relationship, my ex spent the next year putting us through hell, nearly murdering me three times. The police advised me to stop
his sporadic access to our child immediately and to apply for orders to restrict his access-,as he had too many markers of a killer to ignore.


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6 February 2019
Hi my ex husband has several dv orders against him, we have consent orders for kids they were suspended for 2 months last year due to a failed drug test,
So help us out a bit to give you a more informed opinion....

1) How old are your orders?....
2) are they orders by consent or handed down by a judge?....
3) Do the orders contain directions for dad to submit to regular drug tests?.... If not, how did he come to be tested last year & who imposed the suspension?....
4) Do you or your children have any current DV orders with respect to dad?
5) what drug did he test positive for?
6) Doe's his current DV orders name his new partner or her kids as protected persons?.... If so, do the orders still allow him to live with her?