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In a Relationship is a 2018 American romantic drama film, written and directed by Sam Boyd in his directorial debut. It stars Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Dree Hemingway, Patrick Gibson, Jay Ellis, and Melora Walters, and focuses the relationship of two couples over one summer.
It had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20, 2018. It released on November 9, 2018, by Vertical Entertainment.

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  1. B

    NSW De facto relationship

    What are the benefits of being in a de facto relationship if I am an International student and my partner is Australian citizen?
  2. X

    QLD Termination of legal relationship with my solicitor

    Hi all, I recently ended the legal relationship with my solicitor, who then tried to communicate with me by calling and emailing. I was clear in my email stating that I wish to have no further legal representation with their firm and that I would like to have my file and an invoice sent to be...
  3. V

    Injury from Relationship and how damages are considered during Property Settlement

    I was injured during my relationship with my ex. I was his full time carer and suffered vertebrae injury that persists today. I also suffered psychological injury that is long term now. I suffer pain and I’m not able to work full time and have expected medical costs related to the i furies. We...
  4. E

    QLD Would driving someone's car regularly be evidence of a relationship

    Hi guys, My ex cheated on me and left me for a guy who was being accused of molesting his own daughter, he has been subsequently convicted and sentenced to 6 years jail with possibility of parole in three, my ex has been causing me issues with a dvo and a breach which I am about to fight. Anyway...
  5. O

    VIC Filing for court for Property Settlement + Parenting Order myself? De Facto relationship

    Hi all, I was in a De facto relationship for 8 years - partner and I just separated. One house, 2 young kids. She is dragging her feet to do the paperwork for the property settlement (she made me leave and kept everything), offered me like 6% of our assets, I asked for 40%. We've gone through...
  6. A

    NSW Am I in de facto relationship?

    Hi all, I’ve brought my girlfriend from Russia On a tourist visa in November to see how our relationship will go and whether we should take next step to marry. So we’ve been living at my place since then, though just to evaluate the relationship and it was also mentioned in my invitation...
  7. M

    QLD Ex in new relationship. DV in front of our son.

    My ex re-partnered a month after we broke up and started living with her immediately. He/they wanted shared custody of our young son immediately but I was concerned that it was too early for our child to be a part of a new family unit/dynamic. I was also concerned that the relationship wouldn't...
  8. M

    NSW defacto relationship

    Hi, I'm in a de facto relationship of 4 half years, both my partner and I have children and separate wills before we met and other assets. We have currently moved into his property that he owns we have built a house, which I have contributed with all everything that is in house, financial and...
  9. W

    SA Dating someone older then me

    I am a 16 y.o female and I was wondering if me or the person I am seeing would be breaking any laws dating, the person I am seeing is a 26 y.o female but we are not sexual, just don’t want her to get in trouble, the only things we do is cuddle and kiss very rarely and i am usually the one...