VIC Driving Without a Drivers Licence - Consequences?

Discussion in 'Traffic Law Forum' started by nicolas amon, 23 February 2018.

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    23 February 2018
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    I am from Germany on a working holiday visa in Australia.

    I was here with my girlfriend and we bought a car. Anyway, she needed to leave because her grandpa is going to die soon. I do not have a drivers licence.

    I start work this Sunday and need to go from Melbourne to Shepparton and I cannot just leave the car in Melbourne.

    I was thinking about just driving there. What if the police stops me, can they even see in their system if I have a drivers licence or not?

    What would happen if the police stops me and want to see my drivers licence?
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    5 January 2018
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    There are several aspects to consider:
    1- you mentioned that you don't have a licence: does that mean you don't have Australian (VIC or other state) Licence but do have a licence from Germany? If you do have a licence in Germany, that does not mean you are authorised to drive in Australia or other country other than issuing country. Note that you will hear people say that you can hire a rental car based on your Licence (other than Australia) which is fine and some rental companies do that, but you need to be aware, if you have an accident, the rental company insurance would reject the claim and you will have to pay all costs to fix the vehicles (if at fault), as you are not authorised to drive in Australia. This is a mistake many do. That is why you need to get an international licence then you are covered. If not at fault, and if police are involved, you will get fines for driving without a licence.
    2- If you do not have an Australian licence, then you will have other than fixing the car matters such as fines/infringements on top to deal with, as stated in 1 above, you are not authorised to drive in Australia,
    these two points you need to consider well before deciding to drive in Australia, is it worth it? if at fault in case of an accident, you will bear all costs for two (or more) in any accident, and if people are hurt, police will be involved and you are in a bigger trouble.

    As for the police to check if you have a driver licence, in Victoria, they have access to the database, so if you don't have a VIC licence, then your name will not come up, I am not sure if they have access to other states' database, but I am sure it would be easy for them to check, as for overseas licence, they may be able to check but it could take some time,

    I do not recommend for you to drive a vehicle if you don't have a licence (local or international), be on the safe side,
    hope this helps.
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