QLD Dodgy rwc when buying private

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27 March 2018
Hi im trying to find some legal advise we brought a ute privately for $6500 to get home with roadworthy and find it had expired by a couple of days. We got Mr roadworthy to come to our house and do a new rwc and it failed on so many things its not even funny. We messaged guy we brought it off next day to ask for our money back and he had already spent it what can we do as we now have a ute in our driveway unregistered and cant even be used until thousands of dollars for repairs are made.


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6 April 2016
You have left out almost every conceivable detail of the circumstances of the purchase other than to say you "bought a Ute Privately" and expect legal advice?

For all we know, you could have tripped over a Ute while walking down the street then decided to throw $6500 at a bystander and drive off in it because someone left the keys in it! Nothing in your post to suggest otherwise is there?

What we will want to know is how the vehicle was advertised for sale? and what claims were made in the add? and do you have a copy of the add? If the seller made no specific claim (provable claim) about the condition of the Ute then you are out of luck.

As for the mechanical side, how can roadworthy cost be that much?? Sounds like that Mechanic is being seriously anal about it? What do you need for a safe vehicle? It doesn't have to be like a NASA F space ship .....Gezuz,... All you need is good brakes and tyres and all lights working, not blowing smoke, that's pretty much it. Find a different mechanic.