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  1. J

    VIC Bought used car from private seller. Seller lied. What to do?

    I got my first car last week from private seller and I realised there are so many severe problems with the car. I saw some marks on the bolts so I asked him about it. Seller told me it's never been involved any accident, but it turns out that it is a written-off car. Seller told me that a...
  2. S

    QLD Car sold with misleading RWC

    Dear Members, I bought a car on 7th Oct'19 with an RWC (issued on19th Sep/ 59,529km) and 59,622km on the clock from a private seller and soon after I realized that the wheels were shaking a bit, so booked in an appointment for wheel balancing and got them done on 14th Oct'19 with 60,075km on...
  3. T

    QLD Dodgy rwc when buying private

    Hi im trying to find some legal advise we brought a ute privately for $6500 to get home with roadworthy and find it had expired by a couple of days. We got Mr roadworthy to come to our house and do a new rwc and it failed on so many things its not even funny. We messaged guy we brought it off...