QLD Private car sale advertised with a rwc .. it hasnt got 1 she refuses to give our money back and she

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Margaret Brown, 3 October 2018.

  1. Margaret Brown

    3 October 2018
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    Bought a car advertised as hvn rego n rwc... couldnt withdraw full amount left her $1000 as deposit to return the nxt day to pay balance and collect car. After deposit is made and we go home make arrangements to collect the nxt day she sez the rwc has just expired n she will gt it done the nxt day.
    I said thats no good to us as we needed the car to get to work and 2moro is a public holiday being Queens birthday.
    She insists she has a friend who can do it so we say well if you cant we need our money back so we can look for another 1... its now 3 days later no rwc she refuses to give a refund.. ive been to the police but they say they cant do anything its a private matter we need to wait a couple of weeks before they can do anything then even if they did it could take 6months to get to court ... is this correct

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