QLD Seller changed date on RWC

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New Member
9 July 2021
Almost 3 weeks ago, I brought a car privately.
car was advertised as in good condition, 4 brand nee tyres, recent service. Rego expired, but has RWC. About a week or so after buying it, gears are hard to get, cant change in or out of any gear when car is cold, oil was black and transmission leak resulting in a smell while driving.
rang bloke who did the rwc, and asked him how it passed a roady if its got a bald tyre on it, and gears cant be selected. Told me that they simply road test then around the block not the country side.
i told him that if he did indeed road test it thenhe would have picked up on this issue and realised that the clutch needs replacing as well as a new slave cylinder. And how could he possibly have road tested it when i can barely get it out of my driveway.
said he wouldnt comment further until he got back the offoce and had a look at his book. Fair enough? Fair enough.
Rang me back and said he had issued to roadworthy 3 months prior than the actual date on the roady, and that i would have to take it up with the seller, as he has changed the date on the roadworthy.
what do i do? Seller has blocked my number and wont answer his door.
be mindful that a search on rwc issuer reveals back in 2012 he had his licence cancelled by the court for issuing 4 dodgy roadworthy certificates.