QLD Department of Child Protection Services (DOCS)

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21 July 2018
DOCS took my newborn away from me before discharging from hospital, based on allegations from a previous event that happened whilst i was pregnant, this was to do with my mental health. I have, sice this incident recieved professional medical help, been medicated and living with my supportive parents. Is it possible for them to just take my baby from me without investigating my current mental state? I have proof and evidence from my treating doctor that says i am fit to parent my baby and in a stable mindset and at a low risk. So i guess what i am searching for are my rights to fight this case that they want to extend this investigation to 28 days, with the evidence from my health professionals.
I am happy for them to investigate i just dont understand why i cant have my baby. Especially with my parents supporting me.
My case manager is very supportive and does not communicate. I have not had a chance to say my side of the story. They have just gone to my ex partner who currently has care of baby and believed everything he has stated. Yes he has provided some evidence but the statements have been extremely stretched