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30 December 2020
My insurer has declined to renew my home and contents insurance due to my claims history. I had taken out portable contents but was never made aware that if I made too many claims in a certain Finnegan that it could affect my home and contents. The stupid thing is they were very minor claims... cracked iPhone screens from my teenage boys dropping them at school. Evidentally though they all still go towards your claims history. If I'd known I would never have claimed and never have taken out portable insurance. As a single mum to 3
I'm terrified I'm going to lose my house because I can't get insurance. I never want portable contents again and would content with just building insurance.
I've had 8 claims in 5 years. 6 of these have been stupid phone screens at $180 each. I feel so stupid for not knowing this and risking my house. What can I do.

Tim W

LawTap Verified
28 April 2014
Well, the first thing you do is shop around other insurers....