SA Debt to Homestart Finance - Next Steps?

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6 August 2014
Kingscote, Kangaroo Island
Hi,I need help.

I purchased a house in 2009 with my then partner, and we had to get a loan from the bank to do this. In December 2010 we broke up and he kicked me and my eldest son and the son I had to him out of the house. I recently received papers saying that no payments had been made for years and that the bank had taken the house and that they sold it for $210,000.00, but my ex partner and I were left with an outstanding debt to Homestart finance of $93,975.97.

I was kicked out in 2010 with my 2 young boys and had nothing to do with the house since, apart from I kept my name on the house/loan so that my ex partner had somewhere to live and if and when he had our son for a night I knew he had a roof over his head and was safe. My ex partner said he would take on all the house repayments and council rates since he was living there and I strongly expressed that I also was quite willing to do that if he couldn't make repayments or ran into any troubles but he hid all documentation from me and when I asked to see the bank statements etc he would not let me, e.g bank statements of our loan and council rates.

When I received documentation that I had to appear in court to defend the claim against me and my ex partner for an order for the whole of the land and house. I contacted my ex partner, and he said he would appear in court and tell them I have had nothing to do with the house since he kicked us out and that he made that decision to pay the rates and loan repayments because he was living there and that he hid everything from me that he wasn't making payments and that the bank was taking the house etc.

I contacted him about the paperwork. I just received about the big debt we owe now and he told me that he has just filed for bankruptcy. There is no way I can pay that kind of $ as I am a single mum of 3 and do not work. Can someone please HELP me with some advice on what I should and can do.


Amanda E

Well-Known Member
9 April 2014
Hi @Rachael77
I think some structured financial advice would be helpful in your current situation:

Hope that guides you in the right direction.
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